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ANS tutorial in laymen's terms to educate patients on the importance of ANS testing 
A.N.S. Testing
> Heart disease is the leading cause 
   of death for both men and women 
   in the US, claiming approximately 
   1 million lives annually (one every
   33 seconds).  

> Fortunately, most of the major risk
   factors can be managed or even 
   prevented by not smoking, physical
   activity, healthy diet, body weight,
   and controling cholesterol, blood 
   pressure and blood sugar.

> Unfortunately, even though 83% 
   believe that heart attacks and 
   stroke can be prevented, they 
   aren't motivated to do anything 
   about it. 
Cardiovascular system
​Simple and non-invasive device which 
provides an accurate and reproducible 
assessment of the Autonomic 
Nervous System, Stress and 
Peripheral Blood Circulation 
(ANS Testing), vascular 
elasticity and stiffness, as 
well as the coronary health 
of "at risk" patients. 

Why is this important?

> Fast. This  non-invasive test can provide immediate reporting. Testing component 10-25 minutes.

> Important. Easily and effectively assesses a patients
   coronary health and then monitors therapeutic intervention
   response to lifestyle changes to reduce cardiovascular risk

> Informative. There is a printout data sheet to educate and 
   motivate patients as they progress.   

> Easy to use. The unit has non-operator dependent software

> Affordable

> Profitable. Very attractive reimbursements
Heart disease tutorial in laymen's terms to educate patients on the importance of ANS testing
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The test results provide objective data to help assess disorders such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, poor concentration, mental/physical stress degree, chronic fatigue and blood circulation